Healthy Turkey Curry

There’s officially 75 days until Christmas (aka The Big Feed) and I’m on my 38735th diet of the year so far. So, back on the healthy eating wagon, I thought I’d share with you this super easy and yummy turkey curry, suitable for all for all the family. Yes, my 10 month old gobbled this […]

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Daddy Training

As a mother, we are a parent from the moment we see that positive pregnancy test. The relentless nine months is full of sacrifices, pain and adjustment to your new way of life. Changes in our lives happen way before the birth of our baby and when the special day does arrive, there is no […]

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Mummy Guilt. Guilty or Not Guilty?

Introducing the amazing Abigail, talking about a very familiar emotion that comes with being a mum! Enjoy! I certainly did! Guilty   Hi, my name is Abigail,and I walk around carrying a huge serving of Mummy guilt on a daily basis. I live in Cumbria with my fiancĂ©, Michael & our beautiful daughter, Aoife. Aoife […]

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10 “Do Not’s” I Did!

Don’t do this, don’t do that! Parenting is a bloody minefield, especially when people start dishing out the advice. From the very start of my parenting journey, I’ve taken people’s advice with a pinch of salt. I figured, I was never very good at doing as I was told – so why start now? 1| […]

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Combating Motherhood Loneliness

I was watching This Morning yesterday and the topic was Motherhood Loneliness. It got me thinking…. A new addition to the family should make you feel like you have even more people to add to your tribe of family and friends. Well did you know that it’s a one in, multiple out policy? No? Well, […]

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Summer Favourites

As predicted, I couldn’t keep the monthly favourites up! So here are the things I have been loving throughout the summer. Some of them may not be summer specific, I just can’t remember which months I have been loving them in! Petit Fernand Clothing Labels  The first of August saw me go back to work […]

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Back at work and out of my depth!

Firstly, hey there stranger! I have been the worst blogger of recent months and have just not made the time. Little miss has been smashing out the milestones, we’ve been on holiday, I’ve gone back to work and to be honest, my feet have barely touched the ground! So hopefully, this is me committing to […]

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The suckiest of Sundays

There’s less than three weeks to go until I jet off to Spain for my best mate’s hen do. It was booked before I had Eva and to be honest, I’ve been dreading it. I’ve never left Eva for more than about 20 hours and the anxiety I am getting about the whole thing already. […]

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