April Favourites 

Second favourites blog, woo hoo! April has been a killer long month with lots going on! So here’s what’s got me through!  1. Facebook buy, sell and swap groups! I’ve been spring cleaning and decluttering! These groups have been fab for easily selling stuff and making some extra cash with minimum effort! Picked up some […]

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Fakeaway Chicken Fried Rice

Fancied something stodgy this week and this hit the spot! And it’s super easy too. Fakeaway Chicken Fried Rice Serves 2 Syn free! Ingredients  2 cups/servings Basmati Rice 100g Peas 3 Spring Onions (chopped)  2 Eggs Chicken Stock Pot 2 Garlic Cloves (chopped) Frylight  100ml dark soy sauce 2 Chicken Breats (cut up into strips) […]

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Am I Losing My Mojo?

Just as soon as I think I have this parenting shit nailed, the landscape changes and back to square one googling “Why won’t my child sleep during the day?”. Everyday is completely different and as much as we are into our routine, I just couldn’t tell you what each day is going to be like. […]

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