Stop hating on love

Like most people today, I woke up to the awful news of another terror attack on London Bridge. Less than two weeks after the great loss experienced in my own home city of Manchester and the second attack on London Bridge alone this year, it begs the question “what kind of world am I bringing my child up in?” 

I could sit here and put forth my opion on how this situation should be dealt with. But the truth is, there’s no easy answer in my eyes. These attacks are unthinkable and I’d like to think that if there was an easy answer, it would have already been done. 

Honestly, I’ve turned the news over today because I just don’t want to listen to it anymore. I’ve scrolled passed the live updates because I don’t want to torment myself with the atrocities that I am helpless to prevent. And yet, amongst all of the hate and grief, there’s articles criticising acts of love for being “wrong” or “inappropriate“.

David Beckham has been criticised heavily for kissing his daughter Harper on the lips. This infuriates me so much! Seeing people comment on the awful events with “we will all be holding our little ones tighter” and the this?! 

At a time like this shouldn’t signs of love be celebrated? Isn’t that exactly what we all want? Who is it that dictated that kissing your own child is wrong? I hug and kiss my parents and I’m 25 years old and nobody could tell me not to. 

I must kiss Eva more than one hundred times a day and that’s not even exaggerating. The poor girl is smothered in them! But she’s just so damn cute and beautiful in my eyes, that I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to! 

So screw the judgemental lot! I say kiss your kids! Hug your husbands! Embrace the PDA’s! Say “love you” every time you hang up the phone. Because in a world where every other news article is of heartbreaking loss, there’s nothing better than 100 other posts of affection being shared. 


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