May Favourites

Yayyy it’s June!! Which means we’re going on our first family holiday abroad next month! Can’t wait for some fun in the sun with my favourite people.

But the beginning of a new month and the end of an old one, means one thing in the blogosphere – monthly favourites! So here goes –

1. Baby bargains in Aldi!!

I love me an Aldi baby event and I picked up amazing stuff!! From their unicorn range to the Nuby steamers and mashers, Aldi really have excelled themselves this time. 

The Nuby steamer and masher has made weaning a dream! Now Eva has moved on to more textured food, it’s so easy to steam vegetables and just mash them up quickly. So much easier than getting the food processor out! 

2. Pink Parcel

Ok, so non baby related, but I’m so obsessing over this little subscription! Pink parcel really does brighten up your week at that time of the month. Sending you everything you need in terms of sanitary products, treats and chocolates. 

My mood around this time of the month is shocking, so this improved it no end. Win, win for everyone! 

Pink Parcel 

3. Little Angels Fresh Food Feeder

After a horrifying choking scare with Eva, I had to purchase one of these and she loves it! £2.25 and it’s soooo good plus, anything that sets my mind at rest has got to be a winner! 

4. The British Sunshine!

The sun made a long awaited appearance here in the UK in May. There is honestly no place more beautiful than Britain when we get the weather.

We’ve paddled in streams, played in the garden, walked in the woods, partied with friends and visited our family caravan for a long weekend by the beach. I’ve loved making memories with my beautiful little family and experiencing and appreciating all of our “firsts” with our baby girl.

5. Eric the Pug

Well after much diliberating in Am I barking mad?… Probably, we went and got a puppy! Meet Eric the very cheeky pug! 

He’s settling in to our family home well and we’re all set for him and Eva to be the best of friends… they just need to stop sharing toys for now! 


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