April Favourites 

Second favourites blog, woo hoo! April has been a killer long month with lots going on! So here’s what’s got me through! 

1. Facebook buy, sell and swap groups!

I’ve been spring cleaning and decluttering! These groups have been fab for easily selling stuff and making some extra cash with minimum effort! Picked up some bargains whilst I was on there too!

2. Vanish Carpet Cleaner

Weaning is a messy business and Eva has learnt how to launch the spoon from the kitchen to the living room! This stuff gets every stain I’ve had so far, right out! Winner!

3. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

We have a fairly small house (a persimmon Moseley), so all of the baby paraphernalia that is quickly multiplying has been worrying me. Enter the Baby Snug! This is great for Eva and is neatly stored under our breakfast bar. It lasts up to 18 months too. It was £45 and I have to admit I did kick myself as I’ve seen so many since I bought it, in good condition on buy, sell and swap groups. But we had vouchers to use and I was not disappointed! We got a second hand one for £10 to keep at her nana’s house too and we even took it away with us to the caravan. 

4. A Bath Butler!

Like most mums, a bath has become a treat for me. So I was over the moon with my Mother’s Day gift of a Bath Butler. Candles on and TOWIE on the iPad – I’m in my element and it’s definitely me time! 

5. Cadbury Mellos

These are 2 syns and soooo good for your chocolate fix! 


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