Am I barking mad?!….Probably!

We have wanted a dog since before I got pregnant with Eva. Due to living in a rented flat and having our hands full and going into the unknown with a baba, we held off! But for the last few months I’ve found myself on the dog pages again. 

Am I completely mental to want to get a dog now with a five month hold on my hands?! Probably! So, here’s my pros and cons! 


  1. I’ve always pictured my family with a dog.
  2. We now own our own house with a garden.
  3. We have artificial turf- so no ruined garden!
  4. I’m on maternity leave until August for the “bedding in” stage.
  5. I work from home, so “said dog” wouldn’t be alone all day.
  6. Eva sleeps through the night (so she won’t be disturbing the dog, thus disturbing us).
  7. Eva sleeps in her own room.
  8. It’s a good age to make sure they’re friends for life!
  9. We have family and friends with dogs who can help when we go away.
  10. I’m now 5 months in to being a mum so my gag reflex towards shit has been cured šŸ¤¢šŸ’©.
  11. We are attracted to small dogs (which is good having a baby and a small house!


  1. The main one!! Family will moan at us and be pissed off. Because despite being 25, having my own house and child (who in her five months of life has suffered nothing thing more traumatic than her injections!), people still think I can’t fend for myself and also believe I give a shit about their opinions. I do not.
  2. As I’m the one at home, most of the work will fall to me.
  3. Holidays will be more difficult.
  4. Cost.
  5. Not being able to take my eyes off Eva for a second.
  6. Being in a new house, we have new everything to be potentially ruined.
  7. Will it get on with Eva? Only time will tell.

So here I am, with my mind pretty much made up and a pep talk from my brother telling me to “fuck’em!” and all sorts of conflicting advice from mamas that have been there and done it!

But, we are a bit mental and I’ve always wanted one so I guess we’ll be a family of four very soon! šŸ¶


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