New Mama Survival Kit

So I had a little insta inspo whilst chatting to @thediaryofayoungmum_ and standing in solidarity with my fellow “mum-bun-ers”  @theonshoremum and @threeunder_3 and all of the other mums that wash their hair once a week (if we feel like treating ourselves!). It got me thinking that we all (and me included) bang on about stuff that the baby needs and we really should talk about what we need! 

So new mums/mums to be, here’s the survival kit you should definitely get!

New Mama Survival Kit

  1. Dry Shampoo – you now no longer have time to shower and if you do (good for you!), definitely for two minutes max! And you soooo don’t have time to dry your hair afterwards. So just give it up and dry shampoo it! 
  2. Leggings – for the mum tum, for comfort and mainly because they’re it’s easier to wipe sick, food or shit off them with a baby wipe than jeans… legit you can not change every time you get something on you, you will run out of clothes fast! 
  3. The mum bun – ok so this isn’t an item you can buy, but you will master the mum bun very quickly. It’s like our uniform! If you wear your hair down, there is a 100% chance that it will be thrown up on or yanked out.
  4. Espadrilles – another mum uniform special! Flat, comfy, practical shoes. Yeah I thought I’d be rocking heels like a yummy mummy too, but ain’t nobody got time for that when I’m rushing to waterbabies with 352 bags and a car seat when it’s pissing it down outside – no, no, no! 
  5. Hand cream – between washing bottles, changing nappies, cleaning up after din dins, your hands will take a battering! Have hand cream everywhere! 
  6. Wine/Vodka/Chocolate – you need a vice!! These are mine. I need a reward at the end of everyday to say “hey, well done you! You made it! You and the baby are still alive!”. I don’t do alcohol through the week, but that’s what chocolate is for…right? 
  7. Pockets – clothes/coats with pockets in. You need to have so much to hand, so anything to make life easier. My pockets are full of dummies, bibs, teethers and all of my crap that I can no longer put in my bag, as it will be lost in the bottomless pit of baby paraphernalia.
  8. Hand sanitizer – because as much as we love them, babies are disgusting! 
  9. Hood – ever tried pushing a pram in the rain whilst trying to hold a brolly? Never again. 
  10. A team mate – be it a partner, relative or friend. You need some you time to be sane. Being a mum is fucking hard and you need a break. Let someone take over even if it’s just for 30 minutes whilst you soak in the bath (surrounded by all sorts of plastic toys) or watch crap tv, or nap!!! (Let’s be honest we all just nap!). 

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