March Favourites 

Wasn’t it just Christmas? I’ve decided to start doing monthly favourites. They’ll be some of my stuff and some of Eva’s stuff too! 

So here goes….

1. Aldi Candles!

Bargain alert! Ok, so I might be late to the party but these babies are like freakin’ gold dust! However, I managed to get my hands on some (I have a “candle” guy) and they are soooooo worth the hype. £3.99 for the Jo Malone dupes (which would set you back a whopping £60 by the way!). They are gorgeous! 

If you can get into an Aldi first thing in the morning – do it!! 

2. Veg Packs!

Yawn… but trust me, I’ve loved these! Another Aldi wonder but I’m sure they do them everywhere.  But they’re ace for weaning! I found this little combination the other day for £1! Boiled it, blitzed it and Eva loved it. So I can still feel like super mum for making my own baby purées, but with half the effort and it satisfies my inner cheapskate – winner winner chicken dinner (or butternut squash and sweet potato in this case). 

3. Tommee Tippee Disposable Bibs

This weaning stuff is a messy business. Not so bad when you’re at home but going out and about, it’s a whole different ball game! These disposable waterproof bibs are fab, as it means to don’t need to carry the mess around with you in your bag after your little messpot has had their dinner! 

4. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub

One of the things I’ve vowed to do better is look after my skin! Gone are the days of sleeping in my make up and not breaking out because of it! I use this scrub before bed and I’m already starting to see the benefits after just two weeks! 

5. Natasha Bailie

Again, probably late to the party but I’m super mum crushing on Natasha Bailie right now. The amount of times I’ve been told to curb my language now that I’m a mum and Natasha shows you that you can rock mama life without losing all of your personality. I think she is absolutely hilarious, I love her style and outlook on parenting. I only hope this doesn’t sound too weirdly obsessive… oops! 

Check her out on insta, YouTube and her blog – The Milk Stand


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