One Precious Hour

The clocks going forward never used to bother. You could have a safe bet that I’d be in a club somewhere and as long as the place was staying open for an extra hour I didn’t seem to notice.

This time I’m a mum with a baby going through what everyone keeps telling me is Four Month Sleep Regression. She danger naps at 5pm, fights her sleep and is now usually down between half past 8 and 9pm. Then she’s up at 6am. God save me.

And then the clocks went forward and we lost that one, ever so precious hour.

Push that forward an hour and it makes for a very tired mama… except she’s getting up at 5am and not 7am! 

I know I shouldn’t grumble because there are people far worse off than me, getting up at all hours of the night for feeds, but I do, I feel very sorry for myself. And Adam. By the time Pea goes to bed, I nod off on the sofa and that’s it.

I never understood people signing the petition to stop the clocks going forward, because well, it didn’t make much of a difference to me. But now it does! And I’m signing the bloody thing!! 


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