Ten “Mum” Habits I Need to Ditch!

I’ve picked up a few bad habits since becoming a mum. Things I swore I’d never do and things the old me would be like “erm what the hell are you doing?”

But surely, I can’t be the only one… Well I hope not! Because this could be embarrassing!

  1. Going on Instagram in the night – why? Why do I do it? Eva wakes up, I get up, get her back off to sleep and then scroll through Instagram for hours, this being shattered for the rest of the following day.
  2. Wearing those “hospital bag” big knickers. You know the ones, the massive knickers you bought to be comfy coming home from hospital. The ones you’d never be seen dead in before you had a baby. I could genuinely cry when there’s not a pair in my drawer! And it needs to stop!
  3. Watching Peppa Pig… When Eva is asleep. Anyone else get into it? No? Just me then! 
  4. Going to baby events – buying things for the sake of them being part of a baby event. Truth is, there’s almost always a baby event going on somewhere – no need to panic buy!
  5. Wearing/buying leggings and oversized t-shirts. I swear this is like my mum uniform now.
  6. Wearing sports bras… without doing sports. This is not ok. Neither is wearing nursing bras.. Haven’t breastfed for three months.
  7. Missing The Only Way Is Essex! This is the only programme I’m really into and I can never stay awake for it. It’s on at 10pm (sob)!
  8. Taking Eva off anybody if she is crying. I just have an overwhelming urge to comfort her. Even if she’s with her dad or grandparents. This is making it worse for everyone else as she is now very hard to settle unless she’s with me. 
  9. Having a sweet treat at the end of every day. It’s like I need a reward to say “well done you for getting through the day!” I genuinely believe that I have a serious addiction to chocolate.
  10. Nagging!! Poor Adz, I nag and nag and nag him to do stuff all the time. Bless, if he just did it in the first place, is another matter! 

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