Rocking Motherhood

I’ve been tagged to write a blog by the lovely Aless (read her blog here!) about rocking motherhood. So here goes! 

  • I keep busy! Seriously I’m rushed off my bloody feet, but it has made mat leave anything but boring! I’ve done my research and found as many things to do with Eva as possible. I love that my baby is socialising as much as I am.
  • I do it MY WAY! Mama’s intuition really has taken over. Parents, friends, doctors, strangers… Move over, she’s my daughter and I’ll raise her how I like! 
  • I’ve finally become a morning person – mainly because Eva is in the best mood in the morning thus, so am I! Long may it continue! 
  • I’ve mastered doing most tasks one handed. Essential.
  • I accept help!!!!! Do not be proud, it necessary. I think the saying is “it takes a village to raise a child” – true story.
  • I’m still me! I wear make up, I swear loads (I will quit that soon, my mother will be delighted), I love a vodka and Coke, I make my daughter watch TOWIE with me and I still blast out 50 cent in the car.

L X 


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