Unfortunately, the last weeks of pregnancy we plagued with high blood pressure, which later turned out to be preeclampsia. Thankfully, it was detected early enough and I was induced at 39 weeks. Preeclampsia Story

After a trip to hospital, we got a call to say I was to be induced at 10am the following morning. 

Adam and I drove home from his mum’s house and weirdly, the first Christmas song if heard all year came on the radio – When a Child is Born. Spooky! 

We got home and a unpacked and repacked my hospital bag and packed another one for good measure! I was told that inductions could last a a few days, so I packed a few more clothes for me.

I had a shower and washed and dried my hair – God knows when I could do that again! Then I went to bed as I knew I’d be needing more energy then I’d ever needed in my life….. And couldn’t get a wink of sleep.

The next time I would sleep in this bed, there would be a little baby in that cot next to me.

The next time we would be at home together, it would be as a family.

The thoughts were whizzing through my head and after two hours of trying and failing to get some shut eye, I decided to get on the couch and try and fall asleep to the TV. I’d been sleeping on the couch a lot towards the end, it was easier to sleep sat up. 

Before I knew it I was watching a series of one born every minute. 

Holy, fucking, shit! Was it to late to back out? Could I go back in time? There I was, had about 8 hours sleep over the last five days – how the fuck could I push a baby out? I was in no fit state! Come on Luce, you can’t lose your shit now – you’ve got this!

Second series in – no I have not got this! What I have got is myself into a situation I couldn’t get out of! 

My cousin texted me. She couldn’t sleep at the excitement that she was going to meet her goddaughter soon! 

Shannon: are you asleep?

Me: no, I’m watching one born every minute.

Shannon: you crazy bitch! Turn it off now! 

Yeah, yeah, I knew I shouldn’t be watching it. I knew it was the worse thing I could be doing. I was also freaking out. Why was all my fucking sense and sanity going out of the window?! 

Surprisingly, getting to the hospital really chilled me out. I was there in the best place and everything at home was put out of my mind. 

Bouncing away on a birthing ball, you wouldn’t think I was totally losing the plot just hours before and had next to no sleep!