Spring Intentions

It’s the first day of spring and I’ve already completed the spring clean of the house. But it’s not just the house that needs a bit of a change around – I do too! 

So I’ve decided that a few things need to change and it mainly comes around taking care of myself! 

I spend so much time running around after everyone else and it’s no secret that I’ve started to neglect myself. But rather than let it get me down, I’m just going to take it that that is something that happens to all mums and do something about it! 

  1. My hair! After having Eva I think I had some sort of mental blip and a panic that I was becoming old and boring – so died my hair pink and got a severe blunt and shorter cut! I think it was some kind of desperate attempt to prove I’m still young. I’m so over it now! So I will be having the put back to normal! 
  2. My skin! If you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve been neglecting my skin and it’s in a pretty shocking state after months of falling asleep with makeup on and only using baby wipes (Not So Sensitive!). I’ve invested in some Liz Earl cleansing products and masks and vow to use them DAILY!! 
  3. Real showers! As in not just a quick two minutes when my little monster will let me. Now Eva goes to bed at a reasonable time, I can have maybe a whole ten minutes to myself and even get to wash my hair? Yup, dry shampoo sales are definitely going to take a serious hit! 
  4. Lose weight! It’s so easy to eat crap! So I’ve joined slimming world and I’m really trying to eat better and lose weight. We’ve even subscribed to Hello Fresh to get locally sourced and healthy food.
  5. Be a good girlfriend! It’s hard not to just invest in sleep when Eva is having a sleep over with her grandparents. So next week is our first night out together since…. Well a long time!! Sometimes you just see each other as parents, but I don’t know where I’d be with Adz and he deserves his girlfriend back! 

Hopefully by summer, I’ll have this whole parent thing nailed down! That’s how it works right?

Somehow, I think not! 


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