40 Facts About Me

I always like watching or reading about my favourite vloggers or bloggers. So I thought I would tell you all some facts about little old me!

  1. I’m a natural blonde
  2. I lived on my own for two years
  3. I quit college after six months
  4. My guilty pleasure is 90s music. The Spice Girls, S Club 7, Steps, Backstreet Boys… You name it, if it’s cheesey, I’ll love it!
  5. I have one brother, one half sister and one step sister
  6. I hate bananas
  7. I think I have a genuine addiction to chocolate (not even joking)
  8. I very rarely cry – I don’t know why, it just doesn’t happen. I didn’t even cry when Eva was born, weird I know.
  9. My favourite colour is purple and everyone usually assumes it’s pink.
  10. I can’t stand it when people check in at hospitals or doctors appointments – why, why, why?!
  11. I’ve been bailed out of debt by my dad twice. Thankfully I’m much better at managing money now.
  12. My first car was a Nissan micra called Maisy and (except my house) was probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought, at a whopping £1400!! 
  13. My most embarrassing moment was when I shook a ketchup bottle in nandos and accidentally covered a guy sat at the next table in sauce. Mortified!
  14. The first film I watched at the cinema was Spice World and my uncle David took me because he fancied Geri Halliwell
  15. I hate the taste of coffee and really wish I didn’t. I get very jealous of people drink delicious looking coffees, but I can’t even stand it in chocolate
  16. I was born and raised in Salford, Manchester, UK
  17. I’ve been on safari 
  18. I’ve played with baby lions
  19. I have a completely irrational fear of the sea
  20. I used to be able to speak Spanish reasonably well
  21. I’ve never eaten a donner kebab
  22. My favourite film is Forest Gump
  23. In primary school, I had a maths tutor
  24. I love singing
  25. When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress when I grew up
  26. I’m definitely a mummy’s girl
  27. My dad calls me Dolly as in”Dolly day-dream” because I always had my head in the clouds
  28. I want one more baby (when I’m 30!)
  29. I couldn’t live without google – seriously, what did people do before it?
  30. I have been skiing – not for me!
  31. My favourite flowers are white roses 
  32. I actually really enjoy a day out in Blackpool. Some people find it tacky but I love the fresh air and fun!
  33. I loathe ironing. I’ll purposely not buy something if it looks like it will require any sort of ironing 
  34. Eva is my first and only baby but not my first pregnancy 😢
  35. I was only with Adam for 6 months before we found out we were having Eva
  36. I swear far too much
  37. I genuinely believe the migraines I get are worse than labour – can the prescribe me gas and air for those?
  38. Birds, butterflies, bats, or anything that flaps, really scare me! You should’ve seen me on a visit to the zoo in the butterfly house, idiot!
  39. I own 18 pairs of pyjamas – I’m in my pjs more than I am in clothes
  40. Thinking of 40 facts about me has been really hard! I’m super boring!


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