Sixteen Weeks With Eva Mae

Eva is 16 weeks old this week – where has the time gone?! This time last year I was tucked up in bed with a “stomach bug”… How very wrong I was!

I have a very happy, almost chunky little princess and I have to say I can’t believe how lucky I am. I honestly expected being a mum to be a lot harder than it has been.

“So I guess she got our lazy genes!” 

Eva has always been a good sleeper. Even in the early days she would only wake up once or twice in the night for a feed and then go straight back to sleep. I remember feeling really bad when I met some mums at baby massage and they were all living off around 2 hours sleep per night. So I guess she got our lazy genes! 

Right now, she can smile and giggle. It’s my favourite thing and she always wakes up with a smile. Eva has had her first tastes of food. Having reflux has been tough, so it was my decision to start weaning early and she loves it! She can lift her head up really well when having tummy time and is almost rolling over – she’s mastered front to back and is working on back to front.

My little pea is STILL a little wriggler and I often find her in a completely different place in her cot in a morning, compared with where I left her the night before. She’s taken so well to sleeping in her own room. Much better than I’ve adjusted to it. I never thought I’d be one of those mums that longed for their baby to stay in their room with them. Sometimes I walk past her room and actually contemplate bringing into my room with me – nuts! 

We finally have a favourite toy!! Dee Dee the duck. She finds it hilarious when you shake it or make it kiss her. Not sure why but it makes her happy and so makes me happy.

According the the wonder weeks app, we are in for a stormy period for the next month. Don’t I know it! My happy baby is replaced by an absolute devil child for about 4 hours a day! It’s not too bad because I get the happy moments too, but it’s usually at the end of the day when Adam gets home from work and sometimes it’s hard not to take it personally.

Water babies is one of Eva’s favourite things to do! She loves the water and has achieved her underwater swim award! 

We’ve reserved her a place at nursery in August. Why does maternity leave go so fast?! I swear I thought I’d be so bored and dying to get back to work, but I’m busier than ever and don’t ever want it to end. If I could afford it, dare I say it, I’d love to be a stay at home mum. I actually think it’s harder than my job, so who knows, I might enjoy the break when I go back to work! 

“But once again I was proved wrong”

Most couples struggle with a new baby. I was adamant that Adam and I wouldn’t. We were a very strong couple and very rarely argued. But once again I was proved wrong. We have argued so much since Eva arrived. I have “my way” of doing things and find it hard not to correct him. Adam gets stressed out easily and like most men, bottles it up. 

These sixteen weeks have been a sharp learning curve for both of us. New baby, new house, new bills!! I don’t think we’d be normal if all of that didn’t affect us. But we’re in this together and doing it all as a team. Adam is the most amazing dad I could ask for. Even though he’s a big kid, he’s exactly what I need to balance out my seriousness. 

All in all, these sixteen weeks have been amazing. I say that as we are getting ready to go and get Eva’s injections – FML!! 


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