Pregnancy and Birth with an Anterior Placenta

Horayy! It’s guest blogger time! Introducing my old friend and virtual pregnancy buddy, Honor!

I met Honor when I was 19 on a plane on the way to Malia (standard 18-30s holiday of pure class!). We spent the next two weeks in a permanently drunk state and have been Facebook friends ever since!

Our little princesses were born within two weeks of each other and it’s nice to see someone going through the same things as you are!

Honor is a carer from Stafford and a first time mummy. You can follow her on Instagram – @honorftaylor 

My birth story:

Finding out that I had an anterior placenta, meaning my placenta was on the front wall of my womb, at my 12 week scan I thought nothing of it but as my little baby grew bigger and I knew I should be feeling more kicks than I was, that’s when our concerns began. I first felt her kick bang on 20 weeks and it was the most incredible feeling in the world and made my pregnancy even more real. But as the weeks went by I rarely felt lots of kicks, only really noticing the big movements and so began our trips up the the MAU at the Royal Stoke University Hospital to monitor her heartbeat and movements. 

And because I had an anterior placenta meant I physically had to press and hold the Doppler to my stomach, I’m talking lots of pressure, so that it could actually pick up her heartbeat. But, every time my little one was perfectly fine and happy it was just my damn placenta in the way! 
On the 13th December and 39 weeks pregnant I woke up, my partner was already at work, and noticed that I hadn’t felt any movements or kick so far, little one was an early bird and usually up and kicking from around 4am. As I was so heavily pregnant I was not impressed that I couldn’t feel her at all, I might add that I hadn’t felt her the evening before just in case anyone thinks I was being paranoid and over dramatic. So I rang my partner at work and told him I was going to ring the MAU when he was coming home from work. The midwives told me to come into hospital to be monitored. By this time it had been my 4th visit, after being on the monitor for half an hour a doctor came to speak with us, she told us that as we had been 4 times already and as I was so close to full term then they may choose to induce me. Shit….that made everything very real all of a sudden! But alas, no. The registrar on duty just booked me in for a scan the following morning at 8am. 

Wednesday 14th December we went for our scan, everything was perfect, little one was happy and growing just right. We got told to pop back up to the MAU so that the doctor could sign off my scan. As we arrived the midwife asked if she could just pop me on the monitor for 20 minutes. That’s fine, no problem I said, 10 minutes later a doctor popped her head through the curtain and opened with the line “we’re going to book you in for an induction”. Oh right….well, ok then! That’s unexpected! So a different doctor had looked at my notes and decided it best to book me in for an induction rather than wait for labour to start naturally. I was then booked in for Friday 16th December…..HOLY SHIT!!!! 2 bloody days! We got told to call up the MAU at 9am to see if they had a bed free for me. 
So Friday rolled around, I barely slept the night before due to nerves/excitement/fear of the unknown and at 8:30 I got a phone call from an unknown number, it was the hospital saying they had a bed free for me and could I make my way in now….FUCK. Ok that’s fine….here we go then. When we arrived I was taken onto the ward, booked in and then examined. Apparently I was already 1cm dilated…πŸ‘πŸΌ and my waters were bulgingπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ! Awesome, that’s great news. At 11:30am the propess was inserted and I was told that I would have to go on the monitor for an hour, every 4 hours. Pretty quickly my contractions started…just like period pains to start with, not unbearable at all. My partner stayed with me all day bless him keeping me entertained 😊 unfortunately though 9pm came and he had to leave…right as the contractions began to intensify. At around 12am I asked for some co-codamol and this helped and also made me nice and sleepy so I managed a few hours and then Jesus Christ…..I woke with a start. Shit it was getting painful! More co-codamol please!!!! At 6am the pain was so intense it made me throw up, I had been previously asking the midwife to examine me because the pain was getting very strong and was there any stronger pain relief please? But apparently because I wasn’t screaming in pain I didn’t need any stronger pain relief but my throwing up seemed to convince her. 
So 6:30am, 17th December and out the propess came and in went the gloved fingers and oh….you’re 3cm dilated that’s perfect and your waters are very ready to go, I’ll call the delivery suite. THANK YOU JESUS! But alas a little more of a wait…9am came around and Frank was back bless him and I was squating by my bed and groaning away, I could literally feel my body pushing my baby out….shit sake. I’m going to deliver in the bloody ward! But thank god, here comes Rachel the lovely midwife to take me to delivery! Oh we walked (me waddling) occasionally stopping to deal with a contraction and then there we were… a lovely big delivery suite! 
Sliding up onto the bed at 10:30am Rachel broke me waters and checked my dilation….perfect 10cm. No time for pain relief, get pushing lady! So with a few puffs of gas & air and sheer force I managed to deliver my little angel in 3 and a half hours….without the aid of many contractions because apparently, so Rachel says, they were crap. Only coming every 10 minutes. I was handed my gorgeous girl, who decided crying was so cliche and that cooing was much more appropriate we had our first cuddle of many to come, feeling so extremely proud of myself and so happy with my beautiful little family. 
I hope my story reassures any of you ladies with anterior placentas that it’s ok to be going to the hospital every day if you need to or because you are worried, that is what they are there for and the midwives/doctors really don’t mind and would prefer it if you did. So don’t panic ladies, it’s perfectly normal and quite common. Happy pregnancy and enjoy your little ones when they join you. It’s the best thing ever! 
H xx 


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