Baby Talk & Blowing Raspberries

Ever since Eva could smile without it being mistaken for wind, we do everything we can to see that little face light up. Even more so now that we get those little baby giggles! 

This includes lots of baby talk and blowing raspberries. Seriously, sometimes that’s all I’ll do for 30 minutes straight! 

You’d think that when the baby went to bed, that’s where it would all end and the adult conversation would begin. But recently, I’ve found that I just can’t stop it!! Honestly, I have to really try hard not to reply to people in my baby voice! 

“Ohhhh windy pops!”

Normally when my other half lets out a loud burp I tell him how rude he is. The other day he got “ohhhh windy pops!” And the worst thing was, he didn’t bat an eyelid – completely acceptable conversation.

Imagine the reaction from my mother in law when I answered the phone in my baby voice! She thought it was hilarious! I was thankful it wasn’t someone else. Thank god I’m not back at work yet! 

Since when was it acceptable to greet your partner when walking through the door, by blowing a raspberry?!

I guess baby brain carries on long after pregnancy. 


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