My Inspirational Women

8th March marks International Women’s Day and it’s got me thinking about all of the women in my life, that I find inspirational and why.

Some are famous, most are not. These are the women who have affected my life making me the woman I am today and ultimately, having a hand in how I will raise my daughter to be strong, independent, confident and happy.

10. Adele

In at number 10 is Adele. Amazingly talented, comfortable and confidant in her own skin, down to earth even though she is a huge star and swears like a trooper. So the latter maybe shouldn’t be inspirational, but it makes me feel better about swearing like a sailor!

9. Holly Willoughby

I read Holly’s book before and after becoming a mum and have found it so useful! She’s my absolute mum crush and I love her fits of giggles with Phil Schofield. The insirational aspect – never take yourself too seriously!

8. My Auntie, Lisa

Proof that there is nothing that a man can do that a woman can not. The definition of an independent woman and strong enough to overcome anything. She’s always there when you need her and trust me, you definitely want her in your corner! 

Her favourite saying:

“When the chips are down, I’ll bring the ketchup!”

7. My Nan, Rita

Always positive and teaches me to always be kind and see the best in people. And though she be but little, she is fierce.

6. My sister, Ellie

All. The. Sass.

5. My mother-in-law, Sara

I literally don’t know how she has the time in the day to do everything she does. The patience of a saint and if I end up being only half as good of a mother as she is, I consider it a job well done!

4. My best friend, Hayley

Loyal, reliable and bat-shit crazy!

3. My cousin, my sister, Shannon

My ditsy little cousin with the quickest whit. Will always have my back and does not know how proud I am of her. Nothing ever came easy to Shan (I mentioned ditsy) but she did exactly what she said she would do and now is in her dream job of teaching. She puts 110% effort into everything and I have so much admiration for her. Luckily, she doesn’t read my blog, but if she did, she would say “I’m only third?!”

2. My Mum, Elaine

My mum. My rock. My best friend. She’s everything I want to be as a woman. Classy, opinionated, unapologetic, knowledgeable, life and soul, glamorous, with the biggest heart. She’s the only person who I want when I’m ill (even at aged 25) and she’s my drinking partner too. There’s one person I have been able to rely upon my whole life and she is it! My mum makes me believe that I can do anything if I can put my mind to it. Her confidence in me far out ways my own and makes me reach for the stars.

Mum, you’re one in a million and my inspiration!

1. Eva Mae

My gorgeous girl, there are no words.

“What a privilege to love you, teach all that we know,

Help you build a collection of dreams, that you can call your own.”



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