Not just mum

When you have a baby it gives people a free pass to give you advice – and that’s whether you want it or not! However, the best piece of advice my mum gave to me is:

“Don’t forget to be you. You’re not just mum”

It’s all to easy to get overwhelmed and wrapped up in baby land and before you know it, you’ll be answering the phone in your baby voice and be eyeing up changing bags in stead of handbags. 

So there’s some things that will inevitably change. You’re probably never going to be the party girl you once were, but that doesn’t mean she can’t make an appearance every now and again!

Accept the help! All those people that offered to babysit – take them up on it! Ok, so not everyone that offered, but just the sensible ones. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, close friends etc. Or, when they come and visit, let them get involved! My brother loved giving Eva a bath and giving all of her ducks funny voices!

Eva’s Nana and Grandad mind her every Wednesday evening. From 4-8 I have four hours of child free bliss. On Tuesday evening I run around the house like a mad woman; cleaning and tidying so that I can relax the next night. Nothing to complicated for dinner – I want to maximise that time! 

Make up can be essential! I’ve always loved my make up. Don’t get me wrong, I love slobbing around make up free as much as the next person, but I literally used to just do my make up because I enjoyed doing it. 

Pregnancy has not been kind to my skin. I never got “the glow” or the radiant sin that people rattle on about. I got red and spotty skin.

Sometimes a bit of make up can make me feel a thousand times better after a rough night with the little one. More importantly, it makes me feel like me.

Go for a night (or day) out. Whether it’s out for a meal with your other half, or drinks with the girls. Some adult only conversation is vital for ensuring you don’t go completely  bonkers! 

I had cocktails out with my sister in law and even though the highlight of the night was the kebab on the way home. It did me the world of good. 

Going shopping for the day with the girls was like a breath of fresh air! I did not expect to feel a wave for liberation of waltzing out the door with just my purse and keys in my hand. The care free attitude I had swanning into the restaurant for dinner without scoping it out for baby changing facilities or room for the pram! 

You’ll miss your baby ridiculously lots when you have some me time and probably not be able to help yourself bang on about it (seriously, I hear myself boring people- but yes, I am now one of those parents who relentlessly rambles on about every insignificant thing their kid does). It’s important to hang on to you. Being a mum is all consuming,  the most amazing job in the world, but everyone needs a break. 

You’re not just mum, you’re you.


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