Battling germs and explosions with a newborn! 

Gone are the days of washing day and coasting by until pay day making what you had in last. Having a baby means being prepared and never having an empty wash basket, despite doing several loads every day! 

My little mess maker fills her little wash basket everyday with oodles of bibs, muslins, clothes and towels. Not to mention everything of mine that she spews up on! 

“I threw out the babygrow and vest that was ruined” 

When Eva was a couple of days old, we we were faced with our first infamous poo explosion. We laugh now, but I threw out the babygrow and vest that was ruined! Well that couldn’t continue! She’d be out of clothes within a week! 

“Who knew milk could make such a mess?!”

Every baby wash I put on now has a scoop of vanish oxy action in it. You can bet at least one item is stained and it really does keep the whites white! Whatever you use, normal tablets and softener is not enough! Who knew milk could make such a mess?

If your out and about, make sure you have a water proof sealable bag in your changing bag! There’s nothing worse than dirty clothes messing up all of the rest of your stuff in your bag, that way you can just empty it straight into the washing machine when you get home. 

If you have a baby, you get visitors and with these visitors come germs!! As much as you might like to think that everyone with a cold would reschedule and everybody would wash their hands before holding your baby – it just isn’t realistic! 

Ask people to wash their hands!! I found it much easier to have some hand sanitiser knocking around and politely said “do you want some of this? There’s a nasty bug going around”. I also have a small bottle in my changing bag for when we’re out and about (baby changing rooms!)

Antibacterial wipes and spray are a household staple. I spray and wipe all of the usual surfaces. I use the wipes for door handles, banisters and her changing mat! 

“There’s just no avoiding it”

It’s not just about stopping baby picking up germs, but you too! If you get it, they’ll get it, there’s just no avoiding it. Post natal vitamins are a great way of keeping your immune system in tip top condition! 

Washing up liquid by the bucket load! I never used to do the washing up. When it was just the two of us, I cooked and Adam washed up! But since having Eva, it’s not stopped! 

“Well, you’re screwed!”

Washing bottles and getting them sterilised is essential. If you ever catch yourself with out a sterilised bottle ready to go… Well, your screwed!! 

Zoflora disinfectant is my go to cleaning product for…well everything! Even just putting it in boiling water in the sink to steam makes you home smell gorgeous!! And obviously – keeps those germs at bay!

I never thought I’d write anything like this. Maybe it’s all fairly obvious, but if like me, you’re not a domestic goddess, you may find this useful! 


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