Changing Bag Check List

After weeks of packing too much and the odd occasion where I didn’t pack enough or forgotten something. I think I’ve finally done it. I’ve mastered exactly what  we need.

First of all, this has wayyyy slimmed down since day one. But there’s still so much stuff – baby’s are high maintenance!

Here’s my everyday changing bag check list:

  1. Nappies (x3)
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Change of clothes (babygrow and vests)
  4. Spare dummy (in a steriliser)
  5. Bibs (x2) 
  6. Muslin cloth 
  7. Nappy bags 
  8. Mini nappy cream (samples are great for changing bags!) 
  9. Formula (and a bottle of boiling water in a bottle warmer) 
  10. Hand sanitizer (you never know what the changing facilities are going to be like)
  11. Waterproof bag (for dirty clothes or bibs – essential after a poo explosion!) 
  12. Red book (I often nip to a baby clinic spontaneously when I’m out and about)
  13. Travel changing mat! 
  14. Spare socks (where do the even go?!)

Some extras include;

  • A ready made bottle of formula (for emergencies) 
  • A hat (weather dependant)
  • Cordial shots (sugar free) 

So this is my before weaning checklist! Who knows how long it will take me to master that!


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