Happy tears turning twenty-five

Today I turned twenty-five. I can’t believe how much has changed since last year as I’m scrolling through timehop at 7am. New baby, new house, new perspective on life.

My phone buzzed with a text from my mum. Always the first to wish me happy birthday since the day I was born. Since having Eva Mae, I have a new found respect and further (if that’s even possible) love for her. And her message brings tears to my eyes. Honestly, there I am, tears rolling down my face sniffling like an idiot, trying not to wake anybody. The thing is, I never cry, but this one got me. 

There’s no love like a mothers love,

It surpasses all others – sits a level above

Pregnancy and birth is only the start

You hold her in your arms – she melts your heart

The sleepless nights when you rock her a while 

The absolute joy of her very first smile
Those first few steps as she holds your hand

Watching endless hours of la la land 

Reading her stories again and again

Holding her when she’s poorly 

and feeling her pain

Being very quiet 

while she sings you a song

These times are so special but they don’t last long 
The days at the beach, those trips to the zoo

Her first day at school, when you’re nervous too

Discipline is a biggy – but has to be done

The lessons in life are not always fun

There’s her bedroom to tidy and homework to do 

She learns from you … and you help her through 
You nurture her along life’s varying paths 

The music and fashions are always a laugh

The years go by, you can see how she’s grown 

Her funny personality and mind of her own

She has friends she has chosen , 

brings a boy home to tea

Just so she can blossom  

you need to set her free 
The first time her heart breaks 

she just wants her Mother

To pick her up, dust her down 

then onto another

The day she leaves home is the hardest of all 

You keep checking your phone waiting for her call

Life’s not the same now she’s flown the nest

But she’s got to grow up – it’s all for the best
She’s met the man of her dreams 

they build their own little nest 

You help them along with advice and the rest ££££

She phones with some news 

there’s a baby on the way

I’m too young to be a grandma, 

what more can I say!

You pray everything’s ok and she’ll be just fine

Nine months fly by 

and soon it is time 
You watch your angel in pain 

as she goes through the birth 

Then meet your granddaughter

the most beautiful on earth 

She holds her baby in her arms 

The cycle begins ….

You watch her be a mother 

doing all the right things 

There’s no love like a mothers love, 

she knows now it’s true

The feelings are natural – there’s nothing you wouldn’t do 

Beautiful. My very talented mum.

Unconditional love is an amazing thing, to receive and to give.


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