No friends like mummy friends! 

I’ve had the same group of friends since high school. My girls, my sisters, my batshit crazy mates that are there with me through thick and thin.

But nobody ever told me about mummy friends. The parenting soldiers that you meet in battle when you’re muddling through mum life with your eyes shut! 

Having a baby with you seems to open you up to this whole community. It’s gives other parents an in to a conversation with you. So when you’re up to your eyeballs in a poo explosion for the first time in a public toilet, you really wouldn’t expect that anybody would come to your aid. Queue experienced mum in there with a toddler, offering a spare pair of hands! 

Not only do you get these random acts of kindness from unknown fellow mums, but you can quite easily have a conversation with a complete stranger too! My local cafe is full of mums on their own with their babies (including me) and I often have long conversations with all of them. 

The ladies at my classes are amazing!! First time at baby swimming and my lord! Mastering how to sort yourself and a baby out in a swimming pool changing room with no cubicles, boggles the mind!! What a stress! Instantly I was helped by a lovely group of mums and welcomed into the circle. Now every week, we all meet up at our local pool (me and Eva are getting ready quicker and quicker each week) and have lunch afterwards. 

Sleeping problems, feeding worries, maternity leave situations, nursery fees, parenting hacks – you name it, one of them has done it! There’s no support quite like a person going through the same thing as you at the same time. They make me feel sane and like I’m doing my job right. The guilt fades away when they all cheer for child free nights or Friday wine o’clock. 

The “mum club” is without doubt the best club you can be part of!

So, for the stranger in the toilet helping me at 2 weeks in, to the cafe mum who spoke to me about her daughters reflux for 40 minutes, to lady in the swimming pool changing room that gave me the tip of taking an old dressing gown to wear whilst I got Eva dressed, to my online mums who reply to me when I’m up during the night and to my Thursday mum club mums who’ve reassured me, listened and shared – Thank you! There really are no friends like mummy friends


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