Feeding and getting on with life! 

When Eva was first born, I wondered how mums managed to get on with life with the feeding demands of a hungry baby. It seemed like the feeding never stopped and mastering feeding whilst getting on with our busy lives seemed impossible.

If you’re reading this and have a newborn – it does get easier! In those first couple of weeks, all they seem to do is eat. But once those little tummies grow a bit, they can go longer between feeds. 

These are a few of the little tips I have for feeding.


From the second she was born, Eva was a hungry baby. In the first two weeks there was barely an hour that went by that she wasn’t feeding until night time. 

Feeding on demand was tough! There were times I was so exhausted and wanted nothing more than for someone to take over but, oddly enough, I found the energy from somewhere.

Things that made life easier were:

  • Easy access tops – a must for feeding on demand! Your just mastering how to hold a wriggly baby. The last thing you need is a fiddly top to sort out with one hand!
  • A big drink! – breastfeeding makes you sooooo dehydrated. For ease, I always made sure I had a half litre cup with a lid and a straw filled up. I was forever dropping things (one hand!) and this made it easier! 
  • Muslin cloths – for a number of things; discreetness, dribbles, sprays! Need I go on…
  • Something to do – feeding can be so boring. If I ever forgot my phone or didn’t have the tv on, I’d struggle to keep my eyes open! Always have something to hand! 
  • A feeding area – I fed Eva all over the house, but when visitors came (particularly visitors like Adam’s mates, or my dad) I wanted somewhere I could just go an escape to. I had a rocking chair set up in the nursery, which had muslins, books and dummies in the pockets. 


I found expressing difficult. I didn’t really breastfeed long enough to give it a good go though. But, this is what helped me;

  • Being in the bath – a tip from my mum and it really worked!! Being warm, chilled and happy must’ve done the trick!
  • Straight after feeding – express the other boob whilst the “let down” hormone is still lingering.
  • Warm flannel – if you’ve not got time for bath (probably!), this is a good alternative. 
  • When you’re away from baby – I found that on my first night out when I wasn’t feeding Eva when I normally would’ve been, I was able to express a lot more. Queue taking your breast pump everywhere with you and leaving my milk in my mum’s fridge! 


I personally, have loved switching to formula. Mainly because Eva found it much better with her tongue tie, but also, it took a bit of the pressure off me. Adam could get involved with feeds too which he loved! Apart from the much smellier nappies (TMI! – what even is that?!) I haven’t had a bad word to say about it!

We made the decision to switch pretty quickly though, so it was a bit of a whirlwind at first – but, we got there in the end!

Here are my formula feeding must haves/ must dos;

  • Steam steriliser – I heard from my mum and my auntie the stories of overnight sterilising and sterilising tablets. Our steam steriliser is always on!! 
  • Formula container – game changer! £4 will change your life! I was buying remade bottles for when we went out which was expensive. Now, a bottle with boiled water, in the warmer and we’re good to go! And we don’t have to worry about warming it up! 
  • Bibs, lots and lots of bibs! – this may be because of reflux, but dribble and sick increased a lot! 
  • Bottle warmers – vital for going out and about! 

Whichever way you do it, as long as your baby’s belly is full, you’re doing it right! 


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