How to survive maternity leave…

Maternity leave is that amazing time you get to spend with your baby during those precious first months. But unless you’ve got an amazing maternity package at work, loads of extra cash and mates that stay at home all day, maternity leave can be pretty lonely and boring too. 

Why does everyone want to go to lunch?!

Friends and relatives are great at first. They’ll book days off and arrange things to do. The problem with that is, everyone always says “let’s meet up for lunch”. That means spending money you’ve not got, eating food that doesn’t fit with your post pregnancy diet and spending the whole time hoping the baby stays asleep and doesn’t scream the whole restaurant down.

When Eva Mae was about four weeks old, I swear I must have gone to lunch four times in one week! It was ridiculous, expensive and it was doing nothing for Eva. She’d sleep in her pram so would stay awake all night – nightmare! 

So, I booked in as many baby things into my calendar as I could, so that I wouldn’t even have time for lunch even if I wanted to! 

Baby Massage was amazing! I was a course rather than a pamper sesh for baby like the name suggests. It taught me so much about stimulating baby, natural remedies for colic and constipation and relaxing your baby and preparing them for a good night’s sleep. Meeting other mums with babies of similar ages was a massive incentive for me too. When Eva was two weeks old we moved to our new house which is closer to work, but that meant being forty miles away from friends and family. 

£30 for a six week course – one hour per week.

Our Baby Swimming Session has to be my favourite time of the week. Our local swimming pool has a baby only session so that bigger kids aren’t being as boisterous around babies. The water is warmer and they provide baby toys! Here is where I’ve met some really lovely mummy friends and we all go together every week. We also have a brew afterwards which is all included in the price! 

£7 for 45 minute session, a cup of tea (coffee or soft drink) and a choice of a snack (cookie, cake, toasted tea cake or fruit salad). For children aged 0-3 years old. 

Every week I make sure we go for a walk with the pram. I’m quite lucky to have a cafe about half a mile away from my home. This is usually where I go for a cup of tea and to read my book (a chapter f I’m lucky) and then back home. This takes up about two hours and we both get a bit of fresh air. We have been invited to an organised pram walk with some other mums (local ones are easy to find on the Internet) but I quite like the freedom of just going whenever I want and just us two. 

Free! (Well £1.60 for a pot of tea!) 

I intended on going back to the gym and putting Eva into the nursery they have there. How deluded was I?! But I still want to get rid of my mum tum, so after hearing about baby fitness classes, I had to find one! I go to my Sweaty Mamas fitness class every Wednesday and it’s fab! I’m not a fitness fanatic but anyone can do this and it’s a real work out. And the best thing about it is, you’re still spending time with your baby! Eva sits in her baby carrier on my front for the cardio and sits on the mat with me for sit ups and planking (yes planking!). One hour a week is enough for me, but some of the mums go there three times a week! 

£30 for a six week block of classes. They provide the baby carriers if you don’t have one. Suitable from 8 weeks (after you and your baby have had your post natal checks with the doctor!). 

Meeting up with friends is great but something a bit different to do with them other than lunch was a must for me! Walks around the park are great (and free!) but a good one which is never heard of before, was baby friendly cinemas! Some large cinemas have baby friendly screenings of films, with low lighting instead of pitch black, with the volumeslightly quieter. And, with it being baby friendly, everyone has babies there so if little one does start crying – there will be no dirty looks of judgement! I buy a Diet Coke and take fruit with me too to stick to the diet! 

Just the cost of a cinema ticket!  

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