Relatives, rants and reflux

Twelve weeks in to being a mummy for the first time and I can’t remember ever not having Eva Mae in our lives. It has truly been the best twelve weeks of my life I love being a mum more than I have ever loved doing anything before.

But those twelve weeks haven’t all been plain sailing. The first few weeks were a massive shock to the system and I’ve never experienced exhaustion like it. Of course, moving house when Eva was two weeks old and two weeks before Christmas was not the greatest idea in the world. 


However, the thing I found most exhausting was the constant stream of visitors coming through the door. Between midwives, health visitors, friends and relatives, we barely got a minute to ourselves for five whole weeks! 

Family visitors were easier to handle as I felt less of a need to clean up and put my face on before they came. And when they did arrive, they brought food and tidied up. 

Eventually I cancelled all visitors and didn’t rebook them for a while. Our first weekend as a family of three alone was amazing – winter walks and group naps remain our favourite activities.

Rants and Reflux

When Eva started to lose weight dramatically for the second time, I felt like such a failure. My little girl was tongue tied and kept throwing up what she did take (which we now know to be reflux). Now I realise it was amazing that I’d managed to breastfeed for four weeks.

What really grinds my gears is the pressure that health care professionals (health visitors and midwives) put on mums to breastfeed. My baby was consistently loosing weight. She was hungry and just could not latch on and no amount of breastfeeding support was going to change that. Yet they were still banging on at me to “not give up”. And here comes the rant (which I’m sure my health visitor did not appreciate). Giving up?! Giving up?! That implies that I am giving up on my child, which I wouldn’t do! She’s losing weight to the point of concern and due to the “festive season”, her tongue tie appointment isn’t for another five weeks! Do not dare try and put me down for putting her on formula.

Needless to say, she thrived on formula and put weight on within two weeks. 

So what have I learned in twelve weeks of being a mum? 

  1. Trust your instinct.
  2. Put your foot down.
  3. Stick to your guns.
  4. Don’t let anybody try and make you feel bad about the decisions you make for your baby. Whether they wear a uniform or not.

2 thoughts on “Relatives, rants and reflux

  1. I had the same trouble with midwives Lucy, to the point where they kept me in hospital for 2 days because I “needed” to learn how to breastfeed properly before I went home, well yes it was all well and good but my baby is starving because for some reason she just didn’t want to latch on and no one would give me any formula to feed her with. Then I finally put my foot down, perhaps a little too firmly, and said that I was going to mix feed and express my milk and use formula and that I was going home. I completely agree you have to be firm and do what is right for you and your baby!

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    1. I know! I hate the way they make you feel inadequate at a time when you need all the reassurance and support you can get. I literally had a full on bitch fit with them. Safe to say they haven’t questioned me again! And guess what? I was right! Mamma knows best, always X


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