Preeclampsia. Won’t happen to me. I’ve had a normal pregnancy. No complications. Not even any morning sickness.

My best friend had preeclampsia and blew up like a balloon at 35 weeks. She was in hospital for 4 days before having an emergency C-section and then poor little Kayden was in neonatal for a few weeks.

But I was fine. It was nothing like Becky had described.

At 33 weeks my blood pressure started to creep up. Nothing major, just slightly high. Not unusual and I was due to finish work in a week. The weeks went by and the blood pressure was consistently high and there was protein in the urine tests that the midwives do. So, the appointments increased and I was booked in on a Sunday afternoon at my local hospital to keep an eye on things at 38 weeks + 5 days.

I’d been driving to all of my appointments but, as it was Sunday, Adam came with me and decided to drive. Sat in Chorley birthing suite looking at some poor worried man in the corridor, eyeing up a car seat like it was a rubix cube. Don’t get me wrong, I was fed up of the whole pregnant thing now. I waddled, I was constantly hot, I could barely sleep. But, there was part of me that was longing just to go into labour spontaneously. My blood pressure was considerably high and (as it was a midwife led unit) I was send to Preston Hospital for observation. The midwives at Chorley warned that I could be induced and me and Adam couldn’t help but feel inconvenienced as we were on our way to pick up a sofa for our new home which we were due to move into in two weeks time.

We’d already been to Preston for the same thing about 4 weeks before, so we really didn’t get excited. I had my bloods done, gave a sample in and waited for my blood pressure to go back down and off we went to get our sofa – no biggie!!

So £2k down and a sofa later.. Sat at Adam’s mum’s watching the x factor and Adam’s phone rings. He passes the phone to me and it’s the midwife from Preston hospital. Sheer panic runs through my head. What’s wrong? What have they missed? I’m about to miss Dermot announce if Honey G has made it through again.

My blood results are back – it’s preeclampsia. Really? Are they sure? I don’t feel like a balloon? They want to induce me tomorrow morning at 10am.

Holy. Shit.

And that was when it hit. I’m not sure why it took so long, but that’s when I realized that this now not so tiny human inside my ginormous belly, had to come out. Who would have thought?

So I rushed home to repack my hospital bag (which was in the car anyway) for the 134535323th time and pack another one, you know, just in case!

So there you go. I had preeclampsia and didn’t even realize it. And nothing I had read prepared me for it.


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