My baby must haves

I’ve read loads of these “Baby Must Haves” blogs before and they all differ, but so do babies! So I think you probably need to have a read around and maybe (if you can possibly muster the will power) wait until baby is here to see what you need.

1. The Poddle Pod

Like most babies, in the early days Eva still liked to be scrunched up like she was still in the womb. She hated being in her crib and it seemed the only place she would sleep was in someone’s arms.

After 48 hours with no sleep in the hospital, I was already running out of steam when I got home.

I bought the Poddle Pod from a baby show when I was about six months pregnant. We were not having a Moses basket and I wanted something portable to put her in during the day or when we visited family.

The Poddle Pod is a baby nest that hugs them when they’re placed in it. It can be placed on the sofa, on table tops, on the floor and my personal favourite – in the cot! Although it is not recommended for sleeping, this is what we use it for.

Eva doesn’t go to sleep without it and she’s slept through since she was 7 weeks old.

Best £35 I’ve ever spent! 

2. Baby Sleeping Bags

I’m not sure about anybody else, but I never got the hang of the whole swaddling thing. And our little wriggler could kick her way out of straight jacket!

I was constantly waking up and putting her blankets back on and waking Eva up in the process! Not good!

Eva’s godmother Shannon, bought us some gorgeous baby sleeping bags from mamas and papas and we’ve never looked back!

The satisfaction I got by feeling her toastie toes in a morning was amazing – it was a miracle. What a great invention! And you can change their nappy without taking it off and disturbing them! 10/10!

3. Muslin Cloths – by the bucket load!

I know it may sound obvious but I didn’t get enough of them. Now I find myself buying them every time there’s a baby event on anywhere.

Bless her little cottons, Eva is a reflux baby which means lots and lots of baby sick.

So you can find muslins all over the hous, in the car, in the pram, in the bed! You never know when you’ll need one!

4. Rocking Chair

Ok, so this is hardly an essential, but I love my Tutti Bambini Rocking Chair. It’s in the nursery and for the first four weeks when I breast fed, this is where we sat.

Unfortunately, due to Eva’s tongue tie, I stopped breathing feeding her completely after five weeks. But, we still use the chair after bath time to get her to sleep, in a morning for a bottle and we read to her and hope to for many more years to come.

It’s an expensive item but we bought ours second hand and we love it!

5. Chicco Dream Bear

Early on, like her mum, Eva wouldn’t settle to sleep in silence. We had Ewan the dream sheep but she didn’t like it.

The lullabies on the dream bear more often than not, sent her (and us!) to sleep or calmed her during the night.

Now, she loves the lights and we use it at nap times, when we do baby massage and bed time.

I have lots more must haves, but these are my top 5! 


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