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So this is my first blog post. I should have done this when I originally set out to start blogging/vlogging, when I was 8 weeks pregnant, but my get up and go, got up and went and I just didn’t have the motivation. Also, I couldn’t shake the question (and this is still a question I have in my head now) would anyone really read/listen/care what I have to say?

Now my motivation and back bone have returned after 12 whole weeks of being a mum, I thought it best to get stuck in before all of my experiences and memories fade to a fuzz.

I plan on blogging my experiences, highs, lows, opinions and tips and anything else that I think may be mildly interesting to anyone. I have to say I have enjoyed watching vlogs and reading blogs ever since I fell pregnant last year. So maybe (and it’s a big maybe) I might just produce something that even one person finds remotely interesting.

Me, I’m a 25 year old first time mum, who works as a Business Project Manager usually. I am mummy to Eva Mae who is 12 weeks old. Girlfriend (and second mother) to a man child I call my boyfriend who is also my best friend. I’d never really been that maternal before Eva came along but now I can’t imagine not being! Before baby I liked cocktails and nights out that went on until the early hours. Now, I love baby swimming, baby fitness classes, child free Wednesdays and wine o’clock!

So I really hope you like my blog and I would love feedback – please be kind! I’ve just realized that the tone of this blog is rather nervous and needy but hey! I want to be real and if that’s what it is then so be it!

L x

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The suckiest of Sundays

There’s less than three weeks to go until I jet off to Spain for my best mate’s hen do. It was booked before I had Eva and to be honest, I’ve been dreading it. I’ve never left Eva for more than about 20 hours and the anxiety I am getting about the whole thing already.

Until days like today!

5:30am and Eva is awake. Sobbing her little heart out which is completely out of character for her, as she is most definitely a morning person. 

Off I go down the stairs to get her and I’m greeted to a little girl with the grumpiest face and the rosiest cheeks. Looks like the teething fairy visited last night! The tooth fairy’s evil bitch of a twin sister. Great. 

Back up the stairs and thanks to the joy that is pregnancy, nature calls! So I leave Eva in bed with an equally grumpy Daddy and head back down the stairs, slipping on stray nappy sack and hit every step on the way down, landing in a heap on my arse at the bottom. Lovely.

Just about to head back up the stairs and more crying, only this time it’s Eric, our 10 week old puppy who is downstairs and probably wanting to pee. That’s it! We’re up! 

Bless Eric, absolutely overjoyed to see me so early in the morning. So overjoyed that he’s left a giant shit in his bed as a present. Brilliant.

First load of washing of the day. My neighbour, Amy, is out hanging out her washing too, much to my surprise. Although she has a 11 month old and a 4 year old, so I guess her Sunday mornings are just as easy as mine! And here comes Eric to tug my leggings off the line and run around the garden with them. He thinks he’s hilarious! I’m sure it was quite funny to watch, but for me, it was just another mishap to add to the series of unfortunate events that was Sunday. Awesome.

Eva fed. Washing out drying. Second load in. Brew time. Wrong! Queue Eva’s crying fit, because did you not know? She’s been up since 5:30 and she’s had a very strenuous morning. Nevermind, I’ll get her to sleep and drink my brew once she’s settled. 30 minutes later and I’m drinking my cuppa. Cold. Fantastic. 

Off to get a shower. But wait. In comes Adam with Eric. He’s been chewing glue he’s managed to get off the fence in the garden and it’s now all stuck in his fur. “We’ll have to take him to the vets. I can’t get it off”. Really? Babywipes, the answer to all of the world’s problems, can’t get glue out of the dog’s fur? Who knew. So, after an hour of scrubbing the flaming dog with baby oil and pulling glue from his fur, then bathing him, then drying him, I’m off for a shower. Two minutes of heaven.

Dressed and ready to dry my hair, my grumpy man child comes in to complain he’s hungry. And? So, hair still wet, I guess I’ll throw it up in a bun and go food shopping. Fantastic.

Is there anything more hellish than a packed Aldi on a Sunday? Screaming kids, skeleton staff and adults wanting to be anywhere else. Why didn’t I do the online shop last night?! Why?!

Weaving through the masses, trying to pick up ingredients for a week of hopefully healthy meals and I must mutter “where’s your daddy gone” about 700 times. Getting to the till to pack the bags (with no help) with military precision and at top speed. Seriously, why do Aldi throw your items at you at such a pace?!

Back home, lunch time. For Eva. Packing the shopping away and throwing out everything we didn’t eat the previous week (mainly salad and veg). Adam sulking because all I’ve bought is “healthy shit that I don’t like”. I finally give in and he goes to get a McDonald’s. Fab. That’s my diet and budgeting, ruined already and it’s only 1 o’clock. How long have I been awake now? 

Feeling like a complete fat pig, I trot up the stairs to empty our spare room, that needs to resemble my office by next week. It’s been the dumping ground since we moved in and is literally bursting from floor to ceiling with crap. 

What shitty job. Made even worse by finding all of my summer clothes, which no longer fit and probably never will again. The shortest shorts you ever did see and I’m left wondering how my arse ever fit into them. Strappy tops, bikinis, dresses, all for the charity shop! 

Before I know it, it’s Eva bath time. So clambering over the boxes on the floor, I slip, catching my leg on something sharp, cutting it from my knee to my ankle. Is there anything else that can be thrown at me today?! 

I put Eva to bed after a good hour of settling her and I know we’re in for a sleepless night. Off downstairs, clean up, fold up all the washing, let the dog out and it’s off to bed for me. I’m checking out.

So on the days when I’m dreading leaving my family for the sandy beaches, I need to remember days like these and realise…. I deserve a fucking break! 

Stop hating on love

Like most people today, I woke up to the awful news of another terror attack on London Bridge. Less than two weeks after the great loss experienced in my own home city of Manchester and the second attack on London Bridge alone this year, it begs the question “what kind of world am I bringing my child up in?” 

I could sit here and put forth my opion on how this situation should be dealt with. But the truth is, there’s no easy answer in my eyes. These attacks are unthinkable and I’d like to think that if there was an easy answer, it would have already been done. 

Honestly, I’ve turned the news over today because I just don’t want to listen to it anymore. I’ve scrolled passed the live updates because I don’t want to torment myself with the atrocities that I am helpless to prevent. And yet, amongst all of the hate and grief, there’s articles criticising acts of love for being “wrong” or “inappropriate“.

David Beckham has been criticised heavily for kissing his daughter Harper on the lips. This infuriates me so much! Seeing people comment on the awful events with “we will all be holding our little ones tighter” and the this?! 

At a time like this shouldn’t signs of love be celebrated? Isn’t that exactly what we all want? Who is it that dictated that kissing your own child is wrong? I hug and kiss my parents and I’m 25 years old and nobody could tell me not to. 

I must kiss Eva more than one hundred times a day and that’s not even exaggerating. The poor girl is smothered in them! But she’s just so damn cute and beautiful in my eyes, that I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to! 

So screw the judgemental lot! I say kiss your kids! Hug your husbands! Embrace the PDA’s! Say “love you” every time you hang up the phone. Because in a world where every other news article is of heartbreaking loss, there’s nothing better than 100 other posts of affection being shared. 

Phuket as a family of three

Very happy to introduce Jemma from My Mummy Manual as the second guest blogger to feature on my Miss Mummy Life blog! Jemma is a teacher and mummy to 8 month old Freddie! 

Check out My Mummy Manual blog here!
My own holiday is only weeks away, so I’m so excited to hear about her tips and experiences of travelling to Phuket, Thailand as a family of three!

Thailand with a Baby

Apprehensive? Yes. Excited? Definitely. Why? Because we were about to embark on a 12 hour flight for a two week holiday in Phuket, Thailand. Would it be family friendly? Would Freddie cope with the flight? Would he enjoy himself? Would we? Here’s our first experience of going long haul as a family of three.


After a night in a nearby hotel, we were ready to head off to the airport, with the small matter of three bursting at the seams suitcases, a hand luggage bag, a nappy bag and a pushchair in tow (not forgetting the baby obviously). Freddie was ready, and loving his comfy, personalised traveling outfit too.

Check-in was quick (even though we couldn’t do it online) and then we were able to go through the family ‘x-ray bit’ which made it swift and easy. In order to make our outbound journey a little easier, we’d decided to check into Gatwick airport’s Number 1 lounge – and we didn’t regret it. It was a fabulously relaxing way to start our holiday; included in the price was: drinks (yes, even the boozy ones!), a buffet (think I must of eaten my weight in muffins!) and a choice of a meal from their menu.

The time in the airport flew by and before we knew it we were on the plane. The outbound flight went brilliantly (the homebound flight, no so much; the flights warrant their own blog post). As a quick side note though, as the picture shows, the iPad came in handy.

I was a bit worried about the effect jet lag would have on our baby but I needn’t have worried. The flight times seemed to work in our favour, so that we were able to jump straight into our routine – a huge positive.


Travel Tip: Email the hotel directly if you have specific requests, rather than the package provider.

Before we travelled, we emailed the hotel to explain that we had a baby and didn’t want a room that was near to the road and the noise. Upon arrival we were greeted by the hotel manager who knew exactly who we were, she explained that she’d done her best to accommodate our needs – and boy did she do a good job – the room was AMAZING: with a pool and sea view (which through Thomson you’d pay a premium for) what more could we have asked for?

Not only were the staff attentive on arrival but for the duration our stay. They constantly asked if our room was okay, what time we’d like the cleaners in so they didn’t wake the baby, gave out free fruit throughout the day, left a gorgeous note and fruit parcel especially for Freddie, they even babysat whilst we ate our dinner! I can’t praise them all highly enough.

A real plus of the hotel was the temperature of the pools. Usually I’m one of those that takes about 20 minutes to edge myself into the water because it feels so bloody freezing – that bit to get over the belly button is the absolute worst! But not here. It was like a bath. People were almost complaining that it wasn’t refreshing enough because it was too warm! Yet for us (well baby) it was perfect. He absolutely loved splashing about and would stay in for ages without getting cold or upset.

The one bug bear I did have with the hotel was when it came to the evening meal. As a Thomson guest, we had access to an additional menu alongside the buffet. It was tasty, delicious and freshly made, no complaints there (the mango and rice dessert was divine). However, possibly because it was freshly made, in a relatively quiet restaurant, it took an age to arrive (up to an hour on occasions) – not best with a restless baby.

Out and about at Kata Beach

Although we spent the majority of time in the hotel playing in the pool, it was a must for us to go exploring too. Just over the road, literally a two minute walk, was Kata Beach itself. Just lovely.

A great spot for sunbathing, sunsets and a visit to the Ska Bar for a cool evening beverage (the sea breeze was a welcome relief in the humidity).

The Ska Bar also puts on a fire dancing show at 10pm an certain nights, but that’s past baby’s bedtime so we never made it… what’s happened to us?

A short walk took us into Kata town where there’s more bars, restaurants and shops that kept us busy of an evenings. The shoes, we couldn’t help ourselves…

On a couple of nights a week, in the next town along, Karon Beach there’s a night market. It’s a long walk – we only managed it one way (we were disgustingly dripping by the time we arrived!) so got a tuk-tuk back. It was definitely worth a look, with some (interesting) food choices, clothes and souvenirs.

For some religious culture, we headed up to the Big Budda. Although the site itself isn’t finished, the Budda is still a wonderful sight, as are the views from its hill top position. It’s free to visit but we donated a small amount by having a blessing from a monk and buying a tile to sign which will end up as part of the finished building.

And then, for the baby, we headed down near to the beach to enjoy the play ground.

We are usually the type of people who independently book each part of the holiday looking for the best deal; and rarely would we stay put for two whole weeks. We were dubious as to whether or not we’d get bored, but knew for our first family long haul relaxation was the name of the game. I’ve literally got nothing but praise for all elements of our holiday: a two week, half board package, with direct flights (the biggy for us) through Thomson holidays. I’ve not doubts in recommending both the package and Kata Beach as perfect for families. Our hotel, the staff, the facilities and Thailand as a whole was superb. We will certainly be heading back…

May Favourites

Yayyy it’s June!! Which means we’re going on our first family holiday abroad next month! Can’t wait for some fun in the sun with my favourite people.

But the beginning of a new month and the end of an old one, means one thing in the blogosphere – monthly favourites! So here goes –

1. Baby bargains in Aldi!!

I love me an Aldi baby event and I picked up amazing stuff!! From their unicorn range to the Nuby steamers and mashers, Aldi really have excelled themselves this time. 

The Nuby steamer and masher has made weaning a dream! Now Eva has moved on to more textured food, it’s so easy to steam vegetables and just mash them up quickly. So much easier than getting the food processor out! 

2. Pink Parcel

Ok, so non baby related, but I’m so obsessing over this little subscription! Pink parcel really does brighten up your week at that time of the month. Sending you everything you need in terms of sanitary products, treats and chocolates. 

My mood around this time of the month is shocking, so this improved it no end. Win, win for everyone! 

Pink Parcel 

3. Little Angels Fresh Food Feeder

After a horrifying choking scare with Eva, I had to purchase one of these and she loves it! £2.25 and it’s soooo good plus, anything that sets my mind at rest has got to be a winner! 

4. The British Sunshine!

The sun made a long awaited appearance here in the UK in May. There is honestly no place more beautiful than Britain when we get the weather.

We’ve paddled in streams, played in the garden, walked in the woods, partied with friends and visited our family caravan for a long weekend by the beach. I’ve loved making memories with my beautiful little family and experiencing and appreciating all of our “firsts” with our baby girl.

5. Eric the Pug

Well after much diliberating in Am I barking mad?… Probably, we went and got a puppy! Meet Eric the very cheeky pug! 

He’s settling in to our family home well and we’re all set for him and Eva to be the best of friends… they just need to stop sharing toys for now! 

Ten things that are totally acceptable now you’re a parent! 

After rather enjoying writing Ten trends I’m too mumsy to opt in to I’d thought I’d share the things that I do now, that I totally wouldn’t have found acceptable before I was a parent.

1. Talking to yourself

Because let’s face it, who else do you get any sense out of? There’s only so much Peppa Pig and nursery rhymes you can take before your brain turns to mush, adult conversation is few and far between so sometimes it’s acceptable even if that adult is yourself. “Where’s that dummy gone” has to be my most frequently used phrase. Seriously though, where do they go? I’m sure the little feckers sprout legs and walk off! 

2. Leaving the house in less than pristine clothes

No outfit is complete without baby sick! Wee? No biggy. Baby food? Meh. That’s just how things are now.

3. Arguing with your partner through the baby

Because “oh look daddy’s left his towel on the floor again! Daddy thinks mummy is the cleaning fairy” and “no, daddy thinks mummy is the nagging fairy”. Joy.

4. Singing “Incy Wincy Spider” around the supermarket

And not giving a flying that people are staring.

5. Going to bed before 9pm

Seriously miss all of the good tv but, sleep.

6. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes. Kids clothes that is

The child is dressed head to toe in designer gear and I’m rocking primark and maternity clothes. 

7. Talking shit all the live long day

Frequency, consistency, texture, colour. Anytime, any place. Your world is now consumed by shit. Discussing it over dinner doesn’t make you bat an eyelid.

8. Being late for just about everything 

“Sorry she was playing up just as we were about to leave” is a personal favourite.

9. The back door boogie

If you’re fortunate and stupid enough to go on a night out with your mates, then the back door boogie is a must. Those sleepless nights and beer fear will get to you. But nobody judges are parent for “knocking off early”. Why would you waste precious hours in a bar when you could be in bed. And the baby will be back at 10am and he last thing you need is an agonisingly long Sunday hungover with a baby to entertain. Sneak off. Own the back door boogie!

10. Cleaning with baby wipes

Because when people ring you and say can they just “drop in” what else is there to do but have a quick wipe round with a baby wipe. There’s not much that can’t be solved with a baby wipe!

Ten trends I’m too “mumsy” to opt into.

So I don’t class myself as a mumsy mum, but there have definitely been some changes which leave me saying “oh I can’t do that, I’m a mother!” And to be fair, in some cases, I’m glad of the excuse!

1. Not using your sleeves! 

Ok, so it’s elegant and uber fashionable but practical? I think not! Imagine trying to carry your changing bag and a car seat weighed down by over a stone worth of baby, whilst balancing your coat around you shoulders – glamorous! 

2. Saying shit like lit, fam, kmt…

Not only do I not know what half of these made up words mean, but I’d sound like an utter wanker. Gone are the days of slipping in words like “reem” into my everyday vocabulary (yes, I did that. Even had a tshirt with it on. Let’s move on). Fam possibly if I’m referring to my family and not every Tom, Dick and Harry. 

3. Dying your hair a funny colour

I went for pink in some kind of desperate attempt to stop feeling like a grown up. Looked like a twat, especially at my mother and baby groups – it’s just not me! 

4. Vaping

Just no. Great, use it to quit smoking, but this is not a skill, hobby or fashion accessory.

5. Pokemon Go

The wave of embarrassment when my other half and antenatal class teacher started comparing Pokemon.

6. Sunday Club

Or any kind of school night drinking session! I’m not even back at work and the prospect of this makes me shudder. Thanks but, no thanks. 

7. Personal Trainers

We all get it’s super fashionable to go to the gym these days and virtually everyone I know (who doesn’t have kids) has a PT. Even my mum who you couldn’t have paid to go to a gym back in the day. And I know why. I have about 2 hours to myself everyday and I sure as hell ain’t spending it sweating my back out, getting spurred on by some pumped up gym head! If I have any energy to move from the sofa, it will be to the shower that misses me! 

8. Stick on bras


9. Festivals

Very sad about this one. But it just isn’t my bag anymore. Please don’t invite me to any.

10. Dabbing 

For the fear of being an embarrassing parent and looking like a complete nob – absolutely not. Also, not quite sure what it is! 

Keeping in touch… with me!

Last week I went into work for my first keep in touch day. My grandparents looked after Eva at my house and I went straight into a project planning meeting for a huge programme of projects that I will be managing.

Honestly? It was like I’d never been away and it felt great to be contributing and getting involved and being useful.

The truth is, I was dreading it. The early get up, the separation anxiety, would I be able to contribute anything useful? But, like with most things, I dived straight in! I’m very lucky that I love my job and I shocked myself when I didn’t want to rush back after having Eva. But nothing prepared me for the overwhelming love I would have for my baby girl.

However, I really enjoyed myself last week! Getting stuck in with my team and working on stuff I’m really passionate about. I felt like me again. And I’ve missed that productive, ambitious side of myself! 

I would definitely say I’m torn now and racked with the mum guilt that my naive pregnant self swore I would never inflict on myself.

I’ve been asked to book in ten keep in touch days between now and August and as much as I do want to get involved, I don’t want to give up any of my precious time with my beautiful baby girl.

So many people ask me if I would give up work if I could? And now, I’m honestly not sure.

Dilemma. I think so.

I’m just wingin’ it… isn’t everyone?

I’ve been a mum for almost six months… how did that happen?! Sometimes people call me mummy, refer to Eva as “your daughter” and reference me as a parent and I’m like “who me?”. But yes, here I am, sustaining another human other than myself and she’s turning out to be a pretty amazing human, even if I do say so myself!

I’m a great believer in mum knows best, mum knows everything and mum’s always right. And now all of those terms apply to me too right? Wrong.

“Everyone trusts a mum”

Since becoming a mum, I’ve found myself called upon for advice by all manner of people! Friends, family, strangers, long lost school friends, instagrammers. But what qualifies me to dish out advice? And why do people value it? Truth is, everyone trusts  a mum and once you’re in the mum club, that means your advice is trusted also!

“As soon as you think you’ve got something nailed, the game changes!” 

Giving advice however, is a huge responsibility and also a completely unexpected part of motherhood (for me anyway). But I think it is a part of motherhood for all mums. We all love to have our actions, feelings and parenting skills validated by someone else who’s “got the t-shirt“, because at some point or another we’re all wingin’ it! As soon as you think you’ve got something nailed, the game changes! And having someone else say “same here!” when they too are raising a tiny human, just gives us the reassurance we need. 

“I’ve been a mum for six months (hardly a subject matter expert)”

Why do they call them agony aunts? They should so call them agony mothers!! But then again, I do not claim to be the font of all knowledge. I’ve given birth once and it wasn’t too traumatic (just averagely traumatic as I think labour is a traumatic experience). I have been a mum for six months (hardly a subject matter expert). But if I can give comfort to someone who is where I was three or four months ago, then great.

“I abide by no rules but my own”

I wouldn’t say I give advice as much as I say how I did things. I do things my way, I hate guidelines and abide by no rules but my own (badass, sadass). 

I have good days; I attend baby sensory, make organic baby food, walk everywhere with the pram, do a load of washing – getting it dried and put away in the same day (this I’m particularly proud of because I consider myself to be a fucking miracle worker when it does happen!), go to swimming lessons, stick to my diet, go to pram fit, wear make up, shower and entertain my child without the assistance of Peppa Pig! 
I also have days where I don’t get out of my pjs, watch back to back friends, eat my lunch in my car sat outside my own home – with the engine on because it’s the first time I’ve got Eva to nap in the day in over a week, go to a restaurant and forget nappies (what a fucking nightmare), open a packet of dummies going around the shop (because I forgot those too), eat a mars ice cream for breakfast, go to the loo for five minutes peace and invite my mother in law round for tea because I know she’ll do the washing up afterwards! 

“I genuinely think I’m doing a good job”

So I give out my advice, because people ask for it and I genuinely think I’m doing a good job. But it all comes with the realism of the bad days. I don’t claim to be super mum, but I’m not a slob mum either. I’m where the majority of us are; coasting along in the happy medium.

Keema Curry with Bombay Butternut Squash

Syn free with speedy, tasty butternut squash! I lovvvvvvveee this!


  • 1 tbsp curry powder (whatever your preferred heat is, I use medium)
  • 1 tsp ground coriander 
  • Passata 
  • 1 tsp turmeric 
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 100g garden peas
  • 2cm cube ginger (chopped)
  • 1 tsp chilli powder 
  • 1 chilli (chopped)
  • 1 large onion (chopped)
  • 500g lean mince meat (5% fat)
  • (Optional) 8 new potatoes (quartered)
  • Beef stock pot
  • Basmati rice
  • Frylight


  1. Boil the new potatoes in a pan and the rice in another pan. And leaveto cook  for 12 minutes.
  2. In another pan, fry the onion, garlic and ginger for two minutes using frylight.
  3. Break up the mince and add to the onions garlic and ginger.
  4. Add the chopped chilli and cook until all of the meat is browned.
  5. Add the curry powder, turmeric, ground coriander, chilli powder and stock pot to the pan and stir until the stock pot melts. 
  6. Add the passata and peas.
  7. If using, drain the potatoes, add the the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.
  8. Add turmeric to the rice, stir and drain once cooked.
  9. Serve with Bombay butternut squash.

Bombay butternut squash 

Super easy, but I didn’t get a picture! Really nice to pimp up your speed food!

Just cut up butternut squash into cubes (or be lazy like me and buy it like this!), put on a roasting tray, spray with garlic frylight and sprinkle with curry powder and roast on 180 for 20 minutes! 

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